Transportation solutions do more than move freight at the lowest cost. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, you require a solution tailored to your business.

On-time delivery is critical in our business – and yours. To meet your on-time requirements consistently, we identify the best freight modes, consolidate shipments, manage carriers, and optimize air, sea and ground routes. We optimize transportation and reduce waste providing the following benefits to your operation:
• Reduced costs
• Improved labor productivity
• Better asset utilization
• Superior customer service


Our innovative approach to global customs and compliance adds extraordinary value to our supply chain programs. We do it with effective understanding of customs and other government border agency responsibilities. We’re also highly effective in the use of our unique systems, applications, tools, and technology that leverage resources, duty, and tax minimization programs to reduce cost and increase organizational value. Our technology drives desired commonality with strict compliance, reliable declaration processing, and strong source data.

Our customs and customs compliance professionals understand the intricacies of customs and trade regulations and how to apply them locally. Even when multiple logistics providers, freight forwarding agents, and other vendors are involved in the same supply chain, we offer expertise, exceptional customer service, and transparent and consistent process management.

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Founded in 2021, Globestar Groupage brought together experience heads, young mavericks and years of experience together with a new zeal to innovate and create a change in the freight forwarding vertical. With our combined experience, we have earned hard miles in the shipping and freight forwarding industry with a technical knowhow unmatched like no other.
As a third party logistic service provider, we excel at a range of logistic services, which includes trucking services, warehousing services, logistic services, and a range of other ancillary services. We aim to provide our clients with convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium logistic services.
We have great expertise in the business of logistics, warehousing, distribution, trucking and supply chain management services, and aim to provide our clients with convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium logistic services.

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