India and the USA/Canada are three of the world’s manufacturing powerhouses. Shipping freight between India and the two nations is a long haul from dispatch to delivery, and with GGS the experience is smooth and painless. We provide services shipping freight by air and ocean both.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the most economical solution and the transit time from start to end is about two weeks only. You can opt out either of two modes for shipping based on volume of your cargo.

Less than Container Load (LCL): If your freight shipment weighs over 500kg but is less than 15 cubic meters in volume, LCL shipping can often be your best option. We have weekly sailings to US and Canada.

Full Container Load (FCL): If you have 6 to 12 pallets to ship in a container , a full container load (FCL) is ideal for you. An entire container will be exclusively used for your goods and will be sealed in India and remain so until reaching the consignee in the USA & Canada.

Air Freight from India to the USA

You can opt to fly your freight aboard a cargo plane as the fastest way to import from India to the USA and Canada.

Customs Clearance

Our experienced team handles all customs formalities at both ends, avoiding delays and ensuring your consignment is compliant with international shipping rules and regulations.

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Founded in 2021, Globestar Groupage brought together experience heads, young mavericks and years of experience together with a new zeal to innovate and create a change in the freight forwarding vertical. With our combined experience, we have earned hard miles in the shipping and freight forwarding industry with a technical knowhow unmatched like no other.
As a third party logistic service provider, we excel at a range of logistic services, which includes trucking services, warehousing services, logistic services, and a range of other ancillary services. We aim to provide our clients with convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium logistic services.
We have great expertise in the business of logistics, warehousing, distribution, trucking and supply chain management services, and aim to provide our clients with convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium logistic services.

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